Villa Blum - The Villa Blum


Haller Straße 12 · D-74638 Waldenburg

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A Villa designed only for guests.

Welcome to the former baronial Villa Blum, built from 1910-1914 by Earl Friedrich Karl of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst. In order to bring people together we aimed to find a commonly shared language, based on aesthetic, individuality, taste and comfort. Within the Villa Blum we combine architecture and lifestyle according to the demand for a pleasant stay and the needs of our guests. That is how we create harmony.

Every morning the smell of freshly brewed coffee invites you to enjoy a delicious continental breakfast. In the evening have a glass of wine and relax in our winter garden

A beautiful story.

In 1910, the cornerstone of Villa Blum was laid by Friedrich Karl 8th Prince of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst, the grandfather of the current 10th Prince Felix of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst. It was completed in 1914, serving as a residence for the princely administrator at the time.

Countess Maria von Oeynhausen, née Countess zu Ehrbach-Fürstenau (born 1870, died 1949) lived in the Villa from 1920 to 1949. She was the great-aunt of the current Prince Felix zu Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst and sister of his grandmother.

On the left side of the ground floor (today’s breakfast room) the salon and the dining room of the Countess were located. Her bedroom and bathroom were situated on the first floor, in today’s room No. 2, the kitchen was in room No. 5. Today’s rooms No. 3 and 4 were used as guest rooms for the Earl and his siblings when their parents were out of town.

The Countess died in 1949, but the Villa remained in princely possession. The youngest sister of the 9th Prince Friedrich Karl of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst, who died in June 2017, Hilda Princess of Croÿ-Dülmen, Princess of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst, inherited the estate, popularly known as the " House of Sunshine", in 1958. However, she never lived in it herself.

In 1958 Baron Hans Bolko of Schweinichen bought the building and owned it until 1979. He used the mansion mainly as weekend and summer residency.

From 1979 until 2001 the Villa was owned by the family Rebmann. Mr. Rebmann was a gardener and set up a large greenhouse ensemble in the backyard.

In 2001 the Villa was acquired and largely renovated by Regina Philipps. Aim of the renovation was the re-construction into a high-standard hotel. In May 2003 the Villa Blum then was finally opened.